Asuran (2019)

Asuran – A typical, done-to- death revenge story transformed by some solid writing, brilliant acting and a wee bit of magic from the Vetrimaran-Dhanush combo, into a gritty, riveting survival drama.

The movie undoubtably is Dhanush’s best performance so far. He’s backed by a team of terrific actors – Manju Warrier, Pasupathy, Prakash Raj, Adukalam Naren – all of whom deliver cracking performances within the limited scope that a brilliantly written screenplay allows of them. Teejay and Ken as Dhanush’s feisty sons get into the skins of their characters so well, it is hard to believe that the movie is their first.

Asuran isn’t comparable with Vada Chennai of course, but you’ve got to give it to Vetrimaaran for exploring the arid landscapes of Kovilpatti and the equally parched lives of it’s people in a way that’s brutally honest, shorn of any dressing up.

A beautifully sequenced pre-interval action scene is by far the best I’ve seen in Tamil cinema in a while; a real treat for Dhanush fans, who almost brought down the house! GV Prakash’s background score (the theme music especially) blends so well with the scenes, giving you goosebumps everytime it plays out.

The film ends on a reflective note delivered by Dhanush that comes out a tad preachy (my only grouse, if I may say), offering slim hopes of emancipation of his lot.

Nevertheless, Good Cinema. One told from the perspective of the dormant ‘asura’ in all of us being stoked, pushed against the wall and roused into action.

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