Asuran (2019)

Asuran - A typical, done-to- death revenge story transformed by some solid writing, brilliant acting and a wee bit of magic from the Vetrimaran-Dhanush combo, into a gritty, riveting survival drama. The movie undoubtably is Dhanush's best performance so far. He's backed by a team of terrific actors - Manju Warrier, Pasupathy, Prakash Raj, Adukalam … Continue reading Asuran (2019)

Goodfellas (1990)

There’s this profanity-laden scene in Goodfellas where Joe Pesci, as Tommy De Vito, a nutso gangster shoots a local kid who works for the mob and goes, ‘All right so he got shot in the foot, what is it? A big fuckin' deal?’. You can’t but grit your teeth and despise his depravity at that … Continue reading Goodfellas (1990)

To My Sister, With Love.

I wouldn’t call my sister my best friend. Nope. We’ve constantly fought all through our teens. We’d be at each other’s throats over the silliest of things and stay mad at each other for days. I’ve seen my parents fret and despair, wondering if we’d ever bond as siblings. Surprisingly, all those silly wars did … Continue reading To My Sister, With Love.