Honey, I was wrong!

Aparna took off her sunglasses and squinted as she looked up the sorry looking building, scanning the maze of peeling signboards until she spotted the one  she was looking for. ‘Mastermind Detective Agency – Mr. Govindan Nair, Investigative Detective.’, the board read, followed by a ridiculously long list of educational qualifications of questionable authenticity. The … Continue reading Honey, I was wrong!

To My Sister, With Love.

I wouldn’t call my sister my best friend. Nope. We’ve constantly fought all through our teens. We’d be at each other’s throats over the silliest of things and stay mad at each other for days. I’ve seen my parents fret and despair, wondering if we’d ever bond as siblings. Surprisingly, all those silly wars did … Continue reading To My Sister, With Love.