To My Sister, With Love.

I wouldn’t call my sister my best friend. Nope. We’ve constantly fought all through our teens. We’d be at each other’s throats over the silliest of things and stay mad at each other for days. I’ve seen my parents fret and despair, wondering if we’d ever bond as siblings. Surprisingly, all those silly wars did … Continue reading To My Sister, With Love.

The Loveliness of Innocence.

How would you define the innocence of childhood? Perhaps it is the laughter of a young child at play, singing and dancing, as if no one was watching. Or the ability to speak your mind out without any pretense or sugar-coating, unmindful of the consequences . Or the blind trust in the goodness of people. … Continue reading The Loveliness of Innocence.

In the name of Love – A short story

    ‘’ Mumbai airport sucks. I’m sick of waiting...!’’ Kiara moaned and stretched her lovely, slender frame. A few waiting passengers looked their way in disdain. She rolled her eyes at Rishaan, who simply shrugged and looked away. Kiara could really be annoying at times. ‘’Baby, I’m getting some coffee, want any?’’ he asked trying … Continue reading In the name of Love – A short story