The young intern steps out of the hospital into the dark november evening. The documents in her backpack weigh heavily on her thoughts. She couldn’t believe that the hospital could be involved in a scam running into crores – Inflated bills, fictitious procedures, fake patients! She’d been here for months without the faintest idea of what was going on. Well, the Chief Medical officer would have to be alerted. The proof in her hands should dispel any doubts that he might have.

Muffled footsteps alert her to the presence of someone behind. A heavy blow to her head knocks her out. In the distant lights of the hospital, she makes out the blurred features of a man taking off with her backpack. That is the last thing she ever sees.


He paces the room like a caged animal, muttering,’’ Such brilliance, all gone to waste..’’

A sudden knock makes him dart back to his desk and shove the backpack into its drawers.

‘’Come in!’’ His voice is smooth.

A doctor hurtles in yelling, ‘’There’s been a murder!’’

Feigning shock, he jumps off his chair. The shiny nametag on his coat reads – R.K.Gupta , Chief Medical Officer.