‘In the Light of Darkness’ by Radhika Maira Tabrez is a delightful read in its totality. It isn’t often that you read a story that reaffirms your faith in the goodness of people and this is definitely one of them. The world of Bydore, with its scenic beaches, quaint bungalows and good-natured folk  is so well-formed that it could almost exist, for that is how real it ‘feels’! The author’s engaging style of writing draws you into her well-woven tapestry of complex relationships, relatable characters and interesting sub-plots. It is a thoroughly engaging read that makes you root for the protagonists Meera, Matthew and Susan, with all your heart. Many of the scenes are so very well-etched, that you are almost transported into the world of the characters and are silent observers of their crises – weeping at their heartaches and beaming with pleasure at their moments of beatitude.  The romance angle has been handled in a mature way without making it appear cheesy. The ‘family of friends’ Deena Ma, Suhana, the Colonel and his wife , Maanav and Vidushi , are indeed endearing  with their warmth and good naturedness, almost making you wish that there were more people like them to see you through the good,bad and ugly phases of your life.  The author’s fluid and almost luminous language more than makes up for the slight tempering in the pace of the novel mid-way. It is definitely a book that could cheer you up on a low day, with its profound message that ‘’at no point in life are we so far gone’’ and that even the darkest  night is followed by a shining day, filled with hope and the promise of  finding a love great enough for one to go – ‘’Attraversiamo’’ !

Publisher : Readomania

Pages : 264

Link : Amazon