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Just happened to notice that my blog posts were getting a bit dark of late, so something on a lighter note coming up!

This is a list of made-up words that could actually make it to a Dictionary, someday.  Most of them have been made up by stringing together innocuous words and coming up with a new one , bordering on the ludicrous. The last few are stand alone expressions/euphemisms or whatever you choose to call ‘em! Of course, was the main source of inspiration for my  flagrant flouting of the English language and its rules 😉

So , Here goes!

  1. Bookover – That feeling of incompleteness and disorientation you feel when you’ve just finished reading a great book and step back into reality.
  2. Boregasm – The pinnacle of boredom.
  3. Cheapzzeria – Pizza Places in India other than the ‘biggies’, that sell cheap pizza, usually some form of flatbread loaded with tomato sauce and a generous helping of vegetables (ranging from cabbages to yams) and microwaved to oblivion!
  4. Dejafood – A cooler name for food leftover from the previous day(s)!
  5. Facebrag – The act of bragging on Facebook
  6. Textpectation – The often anxious act of waiting for a text to arrive.
  7. Hashtaggaddiction – Overusage of hashtag on social media posts – The act of using more hashtags than words in a sentence.
  8. Phonetrovert – A person who is comfortable spending time alone with his/her phone
  9. Mantrum – Tantrums thrown by a man when he can’t have his way.
  10. Mall feet – That ache in your feet that comes from spending too much time at the mall
  11. Netlag – The tiredness and physical exhaustion felt after being online for several hours after sundown , panning different time zones!
  12. Nutella – God’s way of testing the mental fibre of any individual keen on losing weight.
  13. Post-Potter Depression – That empty feeling that comes from finishing the last of the Harry Potter books.
  14. Edward Cullen – A psycho who loves watching young girls sleep. Highly anaemic.

15.Qwertyuiopasdfgooglpeed  – Your facebook status update  when the phone falls into               the hands of your toddler.

     16.Khantastic – adj. Getting out of any kind of trouble( includes assaulting or running           over people, killing endangered species, making foot-in-the-mouth                                             statements, to name a few ) without much ado.

   17.To pull off a ‘Rajini’ – (expression) To do something incredible defying all laws of          physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics!


Hope you had fun reading this! More new-fangled, crazy-ass suggestions are welcome!