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I suffer from a strange malady. I call it the ‘Itchy Feet Syndrome’ – Now, before you scrunch up your noses thinking of grisly disorders of the skin, let me hasten to explain.

You see, I’m awfully greedy. I simply can’t be content with my present way of life, which, let me assure you, is in no way lousy. Nonetheless, I dream on. Sometimes about getting out of my comfort zone and writing that great book I’ve always wanted to. And at other times of indulging myself without guilt in doing things that I love the most, one of them being travelling.

Post Marriage and motherhood, this passion of mine has sadly been neglected. And perhaps that is the reason behind the strange ‘malaise’ ailing me – The ‘Itchy Traveler’s Feet Syndrome’. It can be best described as that niggling feeling of wanting to drop everything and set off exploring the unknown, dreaming of that Sun-drenched somewhere.  An overwhelming urge to break free from monotony and bring in that much-needed dose of adventure and excitement back into life.

What was it that I loved the most about visiting a new place? The people, The culture, The food, The architecture? I decided to make a list. So here goes:

  1. Being a stranger in a strange land. The feeling of waking up in a strange room in a strange town, is one of the best feelings. It even makes your ‘everyday routine stuff’ interesting simply because you’re doing it for the first time in the new place, where nothing is familiar.
  2. Traveling has taken me beyond my own little world, letting me ‘see’ rather than ‘imagine’ what the World really is like. It’s made me modest ,in the sense that, I’ve come to acknowledge my own insignificance in the scheme of things. This is a lesson everyone of us need to learn, simply to rub our corners off a little bit.
  3. Travel has made me pause,wonder, question and think – In short, it has made me a story teller.
  4. Walking down unknown alleys, looking up at tall buildings, hiking up a craggy mountain, smelling the street food and hearing the locals gossip – all of it, has made me view life from a completely different perspective. Broadened my mind. Made me respect and accept differences. Made me realise that it actually is a friendly world out there, contrary to what I’ve been led to believe.
  5. Hitting the local cafe and people gazing is yet another thing I love about visiting any new place. Watching life go by, sipping on a cuppa can make you feel content in more ways than one.
  6. For the true traveller-at-heart, even the setbacks and the ennui associated with travel are a part of the package. It is the entire journey that matters, you see, and not just the destination!
  7. Finally, that fuzzy feeling you get when you come back home to the warmth of your kitchen and the taste of home- cooked food, is amazing. Ironically, getting away from the grind of mundane existence makes you appreciate it in a way that you never would, if you hadn’t been away from it in the first place.

So here’s to Travel. Adventure.Life. Bon Voyage!