This post is in response to  the photo prompt by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.


The fields of corn, golden in the daylight, with its ridiculously dippy scarecrow, looked desolate in the moonlight.

‘Swish-swash, Swish-swash.’ She clomped through the hazy maze, under the weak starlight.

Teary-eyed, muttering to herself ,‘’ No,no, it can’t be, He’s just had a fall… he’ll be just fine. I just need to get some help. Is that a farmhouse ahead?’’

Swallowing her fears with a renewed surge of hope, she quickened her pace.

The rustling wind whispered eerily through the dark trees with their claw-like branches outstretched menacingly. Bushes crouched low, scratching her -nocturnal monsters-in-waiting. Leviathan boulders tripped her up, slowing progress.

Nature tonight, had assumed a sinister form, hiding from her, the unknown terrors of the night.

Her weekend away with Frank was turning into a nightmare.

She stopped uneasily at a sound behind her. Terrified of turning around, she walked on, reminding herself that she was being silly.

There it was, again, nearer and much louder, this time.

The night was silent and still. As her fearful eyes surveyed the darkness shrouding her, she realized something – the ludicrous scarecrow with its crooked smile was missing.