Hi. Let me introduce myself. I am a couch. Not any couch, but a classy, camel coloured leatherette three-seater sofa with plush seats that you can sink into and remain all day. I adorn the living room of a swanky penthouse in a high-rise in Mumbai.

Within the cool confines of the air conditioned flat with its opulent collections of art, paintings and antiques (My master being an art-lover), you will find me strategically placed, facing the beautiful French windows, with  spectacular views of Marine Drive. Undoubtedly, I am the hub of all the socialising that goes on within the flat.

Despite the interesting life I lead, I pine for the lost love of my life.

I can vividly recall the first time we met. It was the day I was brought in from the showroom and placed in the living room. Even as I was being unwrapped from layers of bubble wrap, she caught my eye and I was love-struck. Her dark, sleek body that shone like the stars, her mesmerising voice – sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes husky and sometimes, oh-so- mellow, captivated me.

She was a blaze of dazzling colours, magical and delightful. I could sit and watch her forever and never tire of it.

But the love of my life was banished to the confines of the bedroom by my Master for reasons unknown.  A Pablo Picasso original now occupies her space.

And I am left in the lurch, pining for her every minute.

Master’s grandchildren have come for the holidays from London. They’re quite a handful. They’ve hardly been here a couple of hours and the flat looks tsunami-struck. But I have ceased to care anymore.

I can see master frowning, deep in thought. He walks over to the Picasso painting and takes it down. I’m not sure what he’s up to.

He then disappears into the bedroom and walks out with- (who would’ve thought?!), the ‘love of my life’ – my 55- inches of pure love – my Dansung LED TV!!

The kids holler with joy and jump up and down on me , as Master reinstates my love in her original place and switches her on. As for me, I am back to being content watching her spell bound as she makes magic with her myriad lights and wondrous sounds.


PS : This is my entry for Indispire Challenge edition 120. 

Write a love story with no human, animal or any living characters in it!#LoveChallenge