How often have you told yourself – ‘’Not today, perhaps tomorrow.’’ Or ‘’Not now , but in ten minutes time..’’? – I do it a gazillion times a day, which makes me conclude that I most certainly have a  ‘Procrastination Problem’ at hand. The problem with me is this –I tackle everything, all at once or nothing at all. Interestingly, I can go from being outright lazy to obsessive, if I find something that I really like doing.

Usually, my lazy high-points of a day somewhat goes like this:

  1. Those couple of minutes just after I wake up and realise its morning already! Every muscle and bone in my body revolts at the notion of pulling my body out of bed and the few steps to the bathroom are the longest and most tedious ones in the entire day!
  2. That languorous hour post-lunch when the faces around you slowly start to blur and all sounds recede into the background… all that I hear then is a buzzing so gentle that tugs at the eyelids lulling them to sleep..
  3. The sight of a cluttered House and kitchen – To many of you out there, such a disdainful sight is sure to make you don those cleaning gloves and hit the battlefield armed with mops ,brooms and dusters. Strangely enough, to me it has always had the opposite effect. I refuse to budge at the sight of clutter. The way I see it, ‘’Why bother anyway? The kids are going to mess it all up again!’’. I end up feeling guilty about doing nothing and yet sadly do nothing about it.
  4. Being a writer to me also means being a procrastinator of the highest order. Rather than putting it to good use, I turn my loneliness to laziness. I dawdle and loaf about all day reading magazines, watching reruns of boring tv shows, fiddling with the phone for endless hours, wasting myself away on facebook and tweeting nonsense, until its 11 in the night and then realise that I just can’t sleep. I am gripped by an incredible urge to write and purge it all out.. So I end up burning the midnight oil and sleeping late into the next day…and the vicious circle of ‘laziness begets laziness’ begins all over!

Laziness by itself is neither terrible nor wonderful. It has this dull, irritating feel about it which makes one all the more aware of it and drives up the restlessness within, reminding you of all that potent energy bottled up inside, having been blocked by habituated feelings of laziness and procrastination.

After much thought , I’ve concluded that the only way to overcome the block is to go hammer and tongs at it, chipping it away , one little piece at a time, one little task a day – It could be 30 minutes of exercise or 5 pages of writing or one cupboard a day to be cleaned out –  It could be any task, but the important thing is making sure to achieve it. Having implemented this strategy successfully for many weeks now, I can vouch for it by saying this – a cluttered kitchen no more elicits the response ‘’ whatever!’’ from me, My 30 minute jog fires me up, rather than burning me down and my afternoon siesta has magically transformed into a power-nap of no more than 20 minutes. But I don’t underestimate my capacity of still preferring the easy way to do things and every once in a while I still take my ‘lazy day’ off… but I always, always make sure that I have earned it by working my ass off! But no more ‘lazy days’ due to mere lack of motivation for me 😉